Sunday, March 1, 2009

Taking stock

We have pretty much decided that we will be leaving India in a couple of months and heading back to Blighty. Yes, we'll be sad, but we've been away for over two years now and we both feel like it's time to go home.

Work are being great and have given us 6 months unpaid leave between leaving the India office and starting back in the London office, meaning that we will be embarking on a big overland adventure... setting off from Delhi and aiming to arrive back in London months later.

The big news for wedding planning is that:
1. Anything I haven't planned before May, will not get planned until October at least (I can't imagine trawling through vendors from an internet cafe in Khazakstan!)
2. Anything we're planning on getting done in India needs doing in the next 2 months.

So we need to make a list.

On the first point, things I have done already:
1. Dress
2. Photographer
3. Decided on Granny's garden as a reception venue
4. Booked the church
Crikey that's a short list.

Things that I'm pretty sure we need to do soon (i.e. not leave until only 6 months before the wedding):
1. Send out Save the Dates (it's a holiday weekend; I don't want our friends getting booked up)
2. Block book hotels (ditto explanation above)
3. Book a marquee? Maybe?

Other things that could go on this list would be a caterer and a band.... but I can't really believe we need to book those now. OK we might not get the exactly perfect caterer if we leave it until 6 months before, but I'm sure there'll be someone who can feed us!

Then the only other thing is anything we should be getting sorted in India before we leave. I think the only thing that fits in that list is getting invitations done. Printing here in Delhi, I imagine, is MUCH cheaper than getting stuff done in London.

I'm quite a fan of designing my own invitations, then getting them printed. We could wait and print out at home when we're back in London, but that will involve buying a printer, and I think ink etc will be super expensive. And do normal home printers take thick enough card for wedding invitations? I think maybe getting them done here will be easier.

Which brings us on to designs. Major area of confict.

I love love love beautiful floral designs. Like this:

from Momental Designs.
T HATES it. He says is fussy, girly, blah blah blah. Hmph.
He likes plain white, boring type.
The only style we both quite like is something like this:

Which apparently is not weddingy enough for him to oppose, and fun enough to keep me entertained.
He is also dead set against me designing them myself. I think he's worried I will design something, he will hate it and I'll get upset.
So maybe next weekend we'll go check out an invitation shop here in Delhi, just to see what they can do. EXCITING!


un-bride said...

I am so beyond jealous of your overland adventure. Please keep posting along the way!

Krista said...

You are so far ahead, you'll be fine.

Honestly, book the big things:
-Ceremony & reception venue

Wait, that's everything you've done!

Consider email save the dates. It might work for you; it might not. Consider if it will to save money & time!

Delegate: get a friend or family member to book the block of hotel room.

When you say "book a marquee", what do you mean? I suspect the reason I don't know what it is - it's probably a britishism, and I don't know it. :)

Getting the party started said...

A marquee is a big white tent to have the reception in. There is no way you could have a reception outside in the UK and not make provisions for a downpour.... so people hire marquees to eat and dance in. I guess if you live somewhere where it doesn't continue to drizzle all through the summer then you wouldn't need one!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Ok, that's awesome that you've been living in India. I visited a couple of times and love the country.

P.S. those second invites are gorgeous.