Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Save the Dates

I refuse to call them STDs. I smirk every time I read that like a 12-year-old. Then I smirk some more at how juvenile I am.

Anyway... we are about to send out our Save the Dates. The wedding is May bank holiday weekend next year, so I figure we should send them out before the holiday weekend this year, in case people make recurring plans. (T informs me we are probably talking about 1% of our guestlist, but I ain't taking no chances).

So we need to agree on a design.
Option 1: the photos of ourselves. This is my favourite, but T thinks it's too try-hard.

Option 2: very plain text, printed out on nice card. This is T's favourite. But isn't it just a bit grown up? And I'm slightly worried it sets the tone for an elegant sophisticated affair, which as much as part of me would love our wedding to be I don't think it will be anywhere close. More drunken shenanigans in a field.

Option 3: funky badges. This is another one of my favourites. T hates it.

Option 4: Fancy personalised postcard, with either our pictures or a destination close by to home. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Possible with Powerpoint and clipart? I think not.

Option 5: Buy a bunch of pretty postcards and handwrite a note to everyone on the back. Could be a lot of work, but would be nice to get a personal letter rather than a printed card (I think). Would probably only take a couple of hours. I think.

Hmmm. Decisions. Any thoughts?

(I am a bad blogger and had all these pictures saved on my hard drive without sources. Sorry. The second one is from Hello Lucky)


Marie said...

Have a look on, they can print postcards for you with any details you want on them and are super efficient and lovely. I e-mailed my save the dates (agree with you on the STD thing, also makes me giggle). But I like the postcard idea the best, what about places you've been together, or things which signify you as a couple without being a picture of you...

EliandMe said...

Obviously I am more than a little biast towards postcards. But having said that, I just spent the weekend making badges - lots of fun and super easy (well, if you don't mind some of them being not entirely straight/dead centre middle). One day, I might even post some blurry photographs of said badges.

Getting the party started said...

How had i not seen your lovely vintage postcards before?? where on earth did you get them all from?

un-bride said...

The phrase "drunken shenanigans in a field" just makes me happy. And I type out "save the date" every time, too.

agirl said...

Personally, postcards are my fave. But I actually just sent out emails. Because I couldn't wait to sort out stationery issues, and because about 2 weeks after we got engaged it was already time to send our save the dates out if we were going to give people adequate notice.

elizabeth said...

Postcards are possible: we (that would be 'I') ordered a bunch of vintage postcards from eBay, and then made a sticker with the relevant info that covered the whole back of the postcard - quick & easy. Then we handwrote addresses.

I agree about Save the Dates: who wants STDs at a wedding???

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

love them all!