Friday, May 15, 2009


No more Danny...
...and Jon and Kate both had affairs.

What a terrible day in the (Star) world of reality TV.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Now neither T nor I are huge ones for what we consider unnecessary formality. But I feel pretty strongly that you shouldn’t get someone’s name wrong on the invitation. If a girl has got married, you should make the effort to find out if they’ve changed their name or not (and looking on Facebook doesn’t count as checking – that site is REALLY tough to make changes on).

Yesterday I posted all the Save the Dates. Today I realized that all my Miss friends from uni are now Dr friends. They’ve all qualified. And all have new titles. And I got it wrong :-(

I know they won’t care, but I’m mad with myself. ANNOYING.

So here's the thing about the recession

We're not going to get the economy back on track sitting at home eating dahl every night, now are we?

(I need some justification for the ludicrous level of spendiness we appear to be going through at the moment. I'm buying expensive Indian tat like it's going out of fashion (was it ever in fashion?!). And on Monday we're going to the Maldives. Ouch.)

Holiday time

Since finishing work, we have been using up all our frequent flier miles we've earnt over the last 2 years and seeing the bits of India we haven't seen yet.

Last week was spent trekking the Singalila Ridge, which goes along the India/Nepal border. We should probably have realised that at some point the trail would venture into Nepal, but o no... off we trotted without our passports. Which wasn't really a problem until we got to the hostel we were supposed to by sleeping in...

O yes. That is us... at the end of a 24K day, discovering that our hostel for that night is in another country. And we don't have our passports. Nice.

Luckily the Indian border guards seemed REALLY bored, and after we'd entertained them with our pigeon Hindi for 10 minutes ("We live in Delhi. We are Indian. Honest") they just chuckled and let us past. Easy really.

And once learnt the trick, all border guards were easily passed. Which is a good job, becuase we got to places like this:

I especially like what my hair is doing in this photo. Less sex in a cornfield and more just bits of an actual cornfield attached to my head. Pleasant.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The first day

Yesterday was my last day at work. Today is the first day of our six months off. WHOOP.

I was going to spend it doing all kinds of fun, not-working kind of things.

Unfortunately, the hangover is raging and I am lying on the couch watching American Idol and Beauty and the Geek feeling sorry for myself.

And the fact it's 46 degrees outside is not encouraging me to leave my air conditioned haven.

Brain not evening functioning enough to type. Urggh.