Friday, January 9, 2009

Indian inspiration #2

Thanks for the comments on saris; I will have a look in the market at the weekend and see what I can find :)

Thinking back to Nidhi's wedding made me remember the absolute best thing about it.... a couple of days before the wedding is the Sangeet, which seems to be nothing more than a big party to get everyone in the mood. There's lots of dancing and lots of food & booze. There are two things about the Sangeet that would be awesome at our wedding:
1. I really want to have a 'getting everyone in the mood' party. How much fun?
2. During the party, the friends, family and finally the couple themselves tell the story of their relationship through a series of seriously fun choreographed and rehearsed Bollywood dances. So all the brides school friends did a dance, then the cousins, the groom's siblings etc etc. None of them lasted more than a couple of minutes, but they had all rehearsed them and it was AMAZING. Everyone dancing and singing (or lip-synching!) together. So much love in that room!
Now all I have to do is convince all our cynical London friends that they want to express their happiness in our wedding through the medium of dance. Hmmmm.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Indian inspriation

My friend Nidhi who got married here in Delhi in December just sent me the snaps from her wedding:

Enough with the white dresses.... that's what I call a wedding outfit! (She's the one in pink in the middle; I'm the one in gold who doesn't look Indian!) I wonder if there's any way of using the colours. I read somewhere about someone using saris as table cloths. Not sure how that would work, but could be worth considering.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm cold

There are many lovely, lovely things about living in India. For 10 months of the year it is warmer than London. In fact, for 12 months of the year it is warmer than London. But for 2 months, which is now, it is almost as cold, and houses in India have marble floors and no central heating. And I'm cold.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Something blue...

I wish. Unfortunately I am already abnormally tall. (with an abnormally large head, apparently).
Christian Louboutin Moustique.


Converstaion with my Mum over Christmas...
Me - I think I want something like this on my head
Mum - mmmmm
Me - I think it is stylish and beaultiful and funky (and all those other things I want to be)
Mum - but darling, you are very tall already and have an abnormally large head. This will accentuate both.
(For the record, my head is a little bit big. And I am tall. Anyway, I am going to LA next week for work, and am going to look at trendy American wedding things, and I don't care if I have an ABNORMALLY LARGE HEAD. Maybe it will make it look smaller.)

Christmas wedding-ness 3: The photographer

The morning after our one night out with friends in London, a very hungover, slightly nauseous, grumpy T and I met someone who I’m hoping very much will be our photographer. I have been photographer stalking by internet for the last few months, and had finally bullied T into looking the week before we went home. She was the only one of our shortlisted top-3 who could meet us on the one day we had free in London. And O my goodness she was lovely. So down-to-earth. Beautiful photos. Lovely person. Getting married herself and almost perfectly matched with us in how excited and incredulous we are about the whole thing. And she takes picture like this:

Beautiful. Amazing. I want to be a wedding photographer when I grow up. And I want my Mum to look like the Mum in the pink hat.

But then we started talking about cost...

She is not cheap. We don't have a budget... we just talk about if things are a 'sensible price'. This means that it's not three times the price it is worth due to the addition of the word 'wedding'. So I can't say that she's over our budget. And is she 'sensibly' priced? If we can look as beautiful in her photos as the weddings she showed us, then I think she might be. (I think that makes me an awful shallow person, but I'm not sure I really care....)