Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Converstaion with my Mum over Christmas...
Me - I think I want something like this on my head
Mum - mmmmm
Me - I think it is stylish and beaultiful and funky (and all those other things I want to be)
Mum - but darling, you are very tall already and have an abnormally large head. This will accentuate both.
(For the record, my head is a little bit big. And I am tall. Anyway, I am going to LA next week for work, and am going to look at trendy American wedding things, and I don't care if I have an ABNORMALLY LARGE HEAD. Maybe it will make it look smaller.)


Peonies and Polaroids said...

That's hilarious! My mum made a similar comment about my abnormally bony chest.

I think that the veil is fabulous. Big head or not.

Krista said...

I agree with Peonies! Hilarious! My mom is the same in her comments like that.

The veil is fabulous!

How tall are you? What's abnormally tall? It varies! I have a friend who's 5'6", and considers herself tall. That being said, my residence wing (of about 12 girls) had 4 girls who were 6'0" tall. So it's all relative!

un-bride said...

I'm also tall (5'9"), and I have an enormous melon of a head (7 3/4 hat size). And I'm wearing something on my head. And heels. (I tell my guy all the time that if he wants a short girl, he should go get one.) So I say go for it if you want to!