Monday, July 13, 2009

Out of action... for a while at least

Travels are well and truely underway and weddingness has taken a back seat (in fact, is being totally ignored). I haven't even thought about weddings for ages (and I just had a quick wizz through at least 5 blogging weddings I've missed - my goodness what a beautiful bunch of brides you all are!)

Not that I mean to ignore all those emails I get from The Knot telling me to book a caterer, a coordinator etc etc.... but it's kind of tricky whn you're backpacking through Pakistan to even engage in the options, let alone go about picking one.

I think we need a wedding planner that I can outsource all this shit to.... but T is not really coming round to that idea (regardless of my increasingly unsubtle hints). I spoke to Mum last night, who is panicking that all the local caterers are booked. Really? All of them?

Anyway, I just wanted to say a HUGE congratulations to Krista, Rachel, Shonagh, Marie... your weddings look amazing.

Shonagh - how did your wedding planner work out? You're near Manchester, right? Maybe I could pinch her (now she has all that free time!)? And caterer? Anyone else I can pinch....? Did have a marquee?? :)

(I'm kind of stressed about the caterer thing. The two local companies want 60 quid a head for canapes, dinner and something in the evening. We're not getting salaries again until Christmas. Incompatible).

A final thing: a know a couple of you mentioned you were interested in reading about travels. On the off chance this wasn't just a demonstration of British-style over-politeness, here's the link:
One caveat: The travel blog is mainly used by friends and family. It uses real names etc. The wedding blog is other brides don't know me in in non-cyber life. It's kind of secret. T doesn't know it exists. I'd be very happy if the two worlds were never to mix (if family started looking at this blog it would be kind of awful, and I'd have to go through and delete lots of back posts). I certainly don't want T reading about our fights in a blog. He'd go mad (hmmm... maybe I just shouln't have written about them.) Anyway, if you'd like to read the travel blog, obviously go for it. But please don't mention the W word, or this blog, in comments. I know you're sensible ladies, you know what I mean.... (it's worth checking out just to cringe at my Dad's humour. You will figure out very quickly why I'm worried about his speech!)

Friday, May 15, 2009


No more Danny...
...and Jon and Kate both had affairs.

What a terrible day in the (Star) world of reality TV.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Now neither T nor I are huge ones for what we consider unnecessary formality. But I feel pretty strongly that you shouldn’t get someone’s name wrong on the invitation. If a girl has got married, you should make the effort to find out if they’ve changed their name or not (and looking on Facebook doesn’t count as checking – that site is REALLY tough to make changes on).

Yesterday I posted all the Save the Dates. Today I realized that all my Miss friends from uni are now Dr friends. They’ve all qualified. And all have new titles. And I got it wrong :-(

I know they won’t care, but I’m mad with myself. ANNOYING.

So here's the thing about the recession

We're not going to get the economy back on track sitting at home eating dahl every night, now are we?

(I need some justification for the ludicrous level of spendiness we appear to be going through at the moment. I'm buying expensive Indian tat like it's going out of fashion (was it ever in fashion?!). And on Monday we're going to the Maldives. Ouch.)

Holiday time

Since finishing work, we have been using up all our frequent flier miles we've earnt over the last 2 years and seeing the bits of India we haven't seen yet.

Last week was spent trekking the Singalila Ridge, which goes along the India/Nepal border. We should probably have realised that at some point the trail would venture into Nepal, but o no... off we trotted without our passports. Which wasn't really a problem until we got to the hostel we were supposed to by sleeping in...

O yes. That is us... at the end of a 24K day, discovering that our hostel for that night is in another country. And we don't have our passports. Nice.

Luckily the Indian border guards seemed REALLY bored, and after we'd entertained them with our pigeon Hindi for 10 minutes ("We live in Delhi. We are Indian. Honest") they just chuckled and let us past. Easy really.

And once learnt the trick, all border guards were easily passed. Which is a good job, becuase we got to places like this:

I especially like what my hair is doing in this photo. Less sex in a cornfield and more just bits of an actual cornfield attached to my head. Pleasant.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The first day

Yesterday was my last day at work. Today is the first day of our six months off. WHOOP.

I was going to spend it doing all kinds of fun, not-working kind of things.

Unfortunately, the hangover is raging and I am lying on the couch watching American Idol and Beauty and the Geek feeling sorry for myself.

And the fact it's 46 degrees outside is not encouraging me to leave my air conditioned haven.

Brain not evening functioning enough to type. Urggh.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Saving the Date

Saving the Date

So you know how a couple of weeks ago I was all like 'Save the Dates are done la-di-da'? What I actually meant was, 'Save the Dates are designed, now let me try and get them printed.'

What I should have done is sent the design to or vistaprint or some other pay-very-little-get-super-postcards type site.

What I actually did was think that seeing as I live in india, the land of cheap labour, cheap shopping etc, I should get them done here.

Having lived here for over 2 years I'm not exactly green at this stuff, but I always forget how hard it is to actually get stuff done. Typing the whole story will just make me mad again, but it went something like this:

- printer 1 - good thick card. No lamination machine.
- printer 2 - only thin card
- printer 1 - forget the lamination, just go with matt. No green ink.
- back to printer 2 to persuade us to bring card from elsewhere
- printer 1 to buy the card, but they have now run out.
- two day break while I gear myself up to try again
- printer 3. No thick card.
- back to printer 1. Purchase card, which they now have in.
- printer 2. Boss man is there who decides we can't use card from elsewhere.
- sit in a coffee shop until the boss leaves
- get them printed at printer 2
- discard approx 30% due to grubby finger prints, cutting not straight etc
- take to printer 1 to laminate the front.
- get the first batch of 10, which are laminated on both sides. As they're postcards, this means they now can't be written on.
- explain the one-sided lamination bit again
- finally (whoop) get a stack of 83 decent postcards. With only one having to be discarded for what I'm sure was a bogie on the back. Gross.

So yes they were cheap (1200 total, which is about 15 quid), but IT WAS FRIGGIN PAINFUL.

Vistaprint, I will never snub you again.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Couple crush

I posted one picture from this wedding last week. But I keep going back and looking at it. I want to be in this wedding. Or at least be invited.

I thought I was getting over my obsession until I found their videos. Just watch. And love.

Groom style

Yesterday I sent T this link as I thought it had a couple of looks in that he might like. When he got home from work, he announced that I could stop suggesting outfits for him as he already knew what he was going to wear. HUH?! Mr No Interest in anything wedding related knows what he's going to wear? OK. So that's me told.

He presented me with this photo of director Wes Anderson:

Then after a bit of intense googling I found a better shot of the suit itself:

And I do actually quite like it. And if it makes T happy, then I REALLY like it!

Now we just need to find a greeny-colour suit. I don't even know what colour you'd call it. Olive? Chartreuse?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Outnet

From the same people as net-a-porter.... fresh in my inbox this morning:

amazing (although no heels in my bigfoot shoe size at a height i could actually walk in...)