Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Now neither T nor I are huge ones for what we consider unnecessary formality. But I feel pretty strongly that you shouldn’t get someone’s name wrong on the invitation. If a girl has got married, you should make the effort to find out if they’ve changed their name or not (and looking on Facebook doesn’t count as checking – that site is REALLY tough to make changes on).

Yesterday I posted all the Save the Dates. Today I realized that all my Miss friends from uni are now Dr friends. They’ve all qualified. And all have new titles. And I got it wrong :-(

I know they won’t care, but I’m mad with myself. ANNOYING.


anna and the ring said...

Do not fret my dear. I only ever get annoyed if someone writes Ms. Oh how I hate it so! I like to think of it as I'm a woman first and a doctor second! I'd be much more offended if you spelt my name incorrectly!

un-bride said...

Look at the bright side: at least you got them posted. Something in the "done" column!