Friday, May 15, 2009


No more Danny...
...and Jon and Kate both had affairs.

What a terrible day in the (Star) world of reality TV.


Krista said...

Danny? I don't know that reference.

Kate had an affair,too? When did they each have TIME for an affair? I don't get it.

Getting the party started said...

Danny Gokey got voted off American Idol... but we might be a few weeks behind here. And Kate has apparently been messing around with a cameraman. DISTRAUGHT.

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I’ve watched the J&K reality TV show since the beginning. I always notice that they are not that intimate and passionate for each other like they used to. Reality TV can change a huge impact on the lives of the people on it.

Aot said...

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The kids are the ones who are very affected about what Kate and john is doing.