Monday, July 13, 2009

Out of action... for a while at least

Travels are well and truely underway and weddingness has taken a back seat (in fact, is being totally ignored). I haven't even thought about weddings for ages (and I just had a quick wizz through at least 5 blogging weddings I've missed - my goodness what a beautiful bunch of brides you all are!)

Not that I mean to ignore all those emails I get from The Knot telling me to book a caterer, a coordinator etc etc.... but it's kind of tricky whn you're backpacking through Pakistan to even engage in the options, let alone go about picking one.

I think we need a wedding planner that I can outsource all this shit to.... but T is not really coming round to that idea (regardless of my increasingly unsubtle hints). I spoke to Mum last night, who is panicking that all the local caterers are booked. Really? All of them?

Anyway, I just wanted to say a HUGE congratulations to Krista, Rachel, Shonagh, Marie... your weddings look amazing.

Shonagh - how did your wedding planner work out? You're near Manchester, right? Maybe I could pinch her (now she has all that free time!)? And caterer? Anyone else I can pinch....? Did have a marquee?? :)

(I'm kind of stressed about the caterer thing. The two local companies want 60 quid a head for canapes, dinner and something in the evening. We're not getting salaries again until Christmas. Incompatible).

A final thing: a know a couple of you mentioned you were interested in reading about travels. On the off chance this wasn't just a demonstration of British-style over-politeness, here's the link:
One caveat: The travel blog is mainly used by friends and family. It uses real names etc. The wedding blog is other brides don't know me in in non-cyber life. It's kind of secret. T doesn't know it exists. I'd be very happy if the two worlds were never to mix (if family started looking at this blog it would be kind of awful, and I'd have to go through and delete lots of back posts). I certainly don't want T reading about our fights in a blog. He'd go mad (hmmm... maybe I just shouln't have written about them.) Anyway, if you'd like to read the travel blog, obviously go for it. But please don't mention the W word, or this blog, in comments. I know you're sensible ladies, you know what I mean.... (it's worth checking out just to cringe at my Dad's humour. You will figure out very quickly why I'm worried about his speech!)


un-bride said...

I'll post my thanks for linking to your other blog here ... but if anyone asks, I know nothing!!

Lots of love & wishes for safe travels. I have a jealous ...

Krista said...

Thanks for the compliment!

I'm not the type to panic, but I am the type to need things done in advance. I'm with you though: I doubt all the caterers are booked. So no sense in panicking!

I'm also a fan of delegating. So if you need something done, tell T to do it. If he doesn't like it ... well, all the more reason to consider a wedding coordinator! Just a thought to consider!

adecco. said...

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congratulations on your upcoming wedding. A bride should never be stressed on or before the day of her wedding. So get a wedding planner and let him or her handle everything.

umbrella said...

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