Sunday, March 1, 2009


The Knot just sent me an automated email.... with 15 moths to go, I should be deciding on a theme. That is my big 'to do' this month.


My theme is Getting Married to T. Which I hope will make for a pretty good wedding. No?

Crikey now I feel all insecure that I'm not going to have a cool theme. What do they even mean? Tarts and vicars? surely not?!


un-bride said...

As much as I hate wedding themes, and refuse to have one myself, I fully support the Tarts & Vicars idea. If you decide to go that route.

EliandMe said...

Tarts and vicars would be a wonderful theme for a wedding. Especially a Church wedding.

I made lots of decisions, found things that we liked and THEN decided what our theme was. And every time I add something the theme changes. For instance, last week our theme was Alice in Wonderland meets Applachian hoedown. At the weekend the bridesmaids bought ruby red slippers, so now our theme is Alice in Wonderland meets hoedown meets Wizard of Oz. Simples.

Krista said...

Getting married sounds like a good theme to me.

(Or EliandMe's tarts and vicars.)

Cyd said...

ay yi yi, The Knot is just so bogus! We have no theme and I like it all the same...well, unless you count the theme of getting married, like you said.

Glad you're joining in on the 100 push ups challenge!

Getting the party started said...

In spirit, Cyd, in spirit! Not in a real doing push-ups way!!

redframe said...

You have a theme already silly, you can just tick that knot box! It's we're-coming-home-from-living-abroad-and-hopefully-getting-married-in-my-grandmother's-garden! It's a great theme. x