Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Project Cake (part 1)

As I mentioned, we have having a stacked Christmas cake this year, solely so I can practice baking and icing and stacking. I like the idea of making our own wedding cake...
- It will be fun making it together
- I can't imagine any cake tastes good enough to be worth £1000. I mean, seriously.
- If it's rubbish, I can through it in the dustbin and buy one from M&S. This is why it's important that I make it and not my sister (who has offered) or another relative or friend.

So back to the practice (disguised from T, who thinks I am mad thinking about the wedding already, as just an over-elaborate Christmas cake)... Baking went fine (although I lost interest after two tiers. But I figure if I can do two I can certainly do three) and the cakes have been sitting in the kitchen for a couple of weeks now while I pour brandy in every couple of days, just like Delia tells you to.

I don't really like marzipan, but T loves it and it makes the icing look nice. Unfortunately, it is proving impossible to buy in India, so I decided to make my own. It turns out the motor in the blender is not powerful enough to grind almonds. So now we need a new blender. Great.

That is today's mission: buy blender, grind almonds, make marzipan, cover cakes. Here I go...


Rachel said...

Sounds like an ambitious Christmas cake!

I am curious, where are you living in India? Are you travelling or just out there for a while?

Getting the party started said...

We live in Delhi... it's fun (and warm!) but I don't half miss proper shopping in London!