Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Here we go

So I was going to start a blog about wedding planning. I love it... I love the excitement of planning the day when I get to marry T. I love the pretty things, the quirky ideas, all of it. But I wasn't sure anyone else would want to read all about it, so I reconsidered. I have never blogged before... my diary as a child was a big secret, with a lock on it. And now anyone gets to read.

Then I remembered I need somewhere to keep all my thoughts. Much of 2009 is going to be spent without a fixed base or computer, and May 2010 will be the wedding. So wedding porn may well be limited to internet cafes, if anything. So when I do find a time to look, I will need somewhere to store my ideas... and this seems as good as any.

So here we go. Wedding thoughts Take One.

Decisions we have made so far:
1. We are aiming for May 29th, 2010. This is the last bank holiday weekend, so will allow guests from out of town to make a long weekend of it. Excellent, we thought. Making it easy for everyone. Unfortunately, other couples appear to have had the same idea. One photographer I contacted a couple of weeks ago had already had three enquiries for that day. THREE. For a Saturday in May 2010. Mmmm.

2. The wedding will be in England. We live in India, and much as I would love a Bollywood extravaganza a la Liz Hurley, it's important to us both that our friends and family are there, and I'm pretty sure we wouldn't get everyone to India. We are planning on finishing up here in March 2009, taking 6 months off work, then starting back in London in October 2009, which will then leave us 7 months to plan for real. I know this is not long.

3. Venue of choice is my Granny's garden. She has a tennis lawn that we can put a marquee on and it is walkable from the church. Unfortunately, Granny hasn't quite bought into this yet.

Things I have discovered so far:
1. Weddings are expensive. Really expensive. I know there are many beautiful and special weddings in which costs have been kept super low, but if you want a church ceremony, in a big white dress, followed by bubbles and canapes, a sit-down wedding breakfast and a band for dancing, it's really expensive.

2. I like thinking about the wedding about 50 times more than T does. He thinks it's a big fuss and I'm mad for starting to plan something that is over 18 months away. He would like something small and casual.

3. T's preferences do not exactly match mine.

4. I like the idea of DIY-ing and I am enjoying practicing. We are having a three tier Christmas cake this year. Pieces of paper that are left lying around tend to become roses (well, they're supposed to be roses).

5. I get bored of the same DIY project if it's not quick enough. Six paper roses are my limit. I was thinking about doing our own invitations, but not sure I have the patience.


redframe said...

Hello! Well good luck, what an interesting wedding planning journey you have ahead of you? The six months off sound amazing, will you be travelling in that time? I think the fact that you're already thinking, practising and figuring out what works means the 7 months in England will be more than enough. Enjoy and I look forward to reading all about it!

EliandMe said...

Oh how wonderful to be at very the beginning - I envy you, I really do, because the possibilities are endless...

But yay for May Bank Holiday weddings, yay for English weddings, and yay for grannies with tennis courts big enough for marquees - I wish I had one ;)

Getting the party started said...

Hi you both.

Redframe - yes we're planning on leaving India and traveling back to the UK overland... a big adventure!

It feels like we are starting out on a big wedding planning adventure as well - so exciting!