Thursday, December 11, 2008

Double trouble

I think I want two dresses. Is that obscene? I want a big puffy princess dress for walking down the aisle, then I want to dance without tripping over my train and overheating (I have a tendency to adopt the sweaty, hair-stuck-to-face look when I go dancing)... so I want a floaty tea-length thing for the evening.

I saw these (from Unique Vintage) and think a shortened version of one could be perfect for the evening, but I'm not sure about ordering over the net.

I have to go to LA for work in January, and Google maps informs me that their store is not far. I wonder if I could fit a trip in....


Rachel said...

I love both of those dresses. What luck that you are off to LA!

I am planning to change into a going away outfit so I think it is fine to have 2 dresses. I also plan to wear a traditional veil for the service and a birdcage one for the reception so as to have the best of both worlds!

EliandMe said...

I have two dresses, I'm not greedy just indecisive!

Both of those are beautiful by the way.