Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas wedding-ness: 1. The venue

I'm back in Delhi after a week long trip back to the UK for Christmas. So much of wedding chat. Trying to pack into a few days anything that might need planning before this time next year.

First off.... venues. T and I both went North to my parents' place when we arrived in the UK and spent a day driving round looking at venues. Granny's garden still wins. And Granny appears to be coming round to the idea. So we had a marquee man come visit, who drove up in a batmobile. He quoted extortionate amounts of money for a marquee (and the car fund, clearly) and left us disappointed. Luckily Mum came good with a cheaper local alternative. It may not look quite as classy, but I cannot believe that a straight (rather than pleated) lining, some funky spotlights and a bar are worth £4K extra. No sir.

I haven't actually got his final quote yet, but it's expected in the inbox any day. I want my marquee to look like this...

Not sure that's compatible with using the budget local company, but it would be beautiful!

The bad points about hosting at Granny's are that there are really any nice really local hotels (wedding night in the Travel Lodge anyone?!) so we'll have to drive maybe half an hour at the end of the night. Is that too much?

Second place on the venue shortlist goes to a National Trust property about 45 minutes drive away, which I think is just a bit too far from the church. Hmmmm.

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Rachel said...

Love the marquee. No idea what your budget company is like but I'd be surprised if that is what they provide!

We are travelling 20 minutes to our wedding night hotel. I think that is preferable to a Travellodge for the first night!

How did the dress search go?