Friday, April 3, 2009

Save the Dates - check!

We are done! Well not exactly done, but the decision is made! And we agreed! Woo!

This is the design we're getting:

from etsy shop ellothere. Not too 'weddingy' (T's criteria), cute and whimsical (mine). And I think sets the tone for the sort of wedding we will have. Love it.

Jonathan is going to send me the digital design and then I'll get them printed out somewhere local onto postcards. We're going back to the UK for a few days next month, so I'll post them while we're there.

I want to put a website address on the back, which means we need to get one. So I'm off to research how to register a domain and all that jazz.

After we get married, I want to live in a house with love heart smoke coming out of the chimney.

1 comment:

Marie said...

You're back! Love the save the dates. Lucky you! Puts my e-mail to shame :)