Thursday, April 2, 2009

Going AWOL

So first I got busy Having A Good Time. It was Holi (amazing) and I got all colourful

(and don't remember much of it - this is my confused look!)

Then we jetted off to Goa for the weekend for some R&R. We are in our last 2 months in India, so clearly making the most of it.

And life was lovely.

Then I was having a bit of a wobble* and didn't sign in for a couple of weeks. There's another girl at work getting married and we got each other in a tiz. An invitation, font, dress and videographer - induced tiz. Then I did sign in today and my goodness the world's a better place again.

First the lovely Marie gave me awards: (which I ignored til now - sorry sorry)

Then I checked out the posts I had missed and it turns out everyone else is wobbling to. Although they're all being a lot more sassy about it than I have been about anything! (I subscribe to the 'hide and it might go away' school of thought). So thank you Meg, East Side and all the other inspirational posts this week. PERFECT.

So... here we go - back into it (with a healthly dose of bhang (only joking) and common sense).

*For wobble, read Crisis that I was going to have an inferior wedding and I didn't really care that much. It's in a field and it will probably rain. My friends will binge drink and his will all have crying babies. I will be lucky to coax T to arrive in a sober state.

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