Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm it!

I was tagged by London Bride, back in Blighty... meaning I'm supposed to share 10 random facts about myself. So here goes....
1. I can balance a teaspoon on my nose.
2. I was off school with mumps the week that my reception class were taught to tie their shoelaces. When I got back to school, I took the 'well I don't WANT to be able to do it' attitude, so didn't bother learning. 25 years on, I still buy velcro trainers and slip-ons when possible.
3. The thing I like the best about living in India is having staff. Having a 24/7 driver is life-changing. Having someone who picks up your dirty clothes off the floor and washes them is better. I am not looking forward to the 'do your own houseowrk' bit of moving back to England.
4. Every time I go back to England I buy prawn cocktail flavour snackajacks, pickled onion monster much and a new pair of shoes. Then I use the shoebox to stop the crisps getting squished in my suitcase on the way home.
5. I drive a silver Ambassador Grand.
6. I am a teensy bit worried about my job, given what's going on in the world. But not too worried.
7. I love planning the wedding. I love planning most things. T is not a planner.
8. I drink red wine in nightclubs.
9. I would eat oysters for every meal if I could.
10. This past year, I've got a bit addicted to getting French manicures. When they only cost £2 a go, it's not a bad addiction to have.

Ta-da! Done. So I tag...
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Miss English (nee Trini)


agirl said...

Oh number 3!!
My gran (not super rich by any means) had a cleaning lady and a gardener back home when I were a wee lass. That wasn't India, but it was also so normal in that part of the world. Such luxury...

agirl said...

(I'm Mrs. English nee Trini by the way...)

redframe said...

Hello, just found you again, lost you for a while? Wanted to say thanks, I'll respond soon and be back to read more!!!! x