Saturday, February 21, 2009

Back to it

I haven't had time to post for ages and ages... mainly because work went a bit mad (leaving no time for weddingness or blogging) and secondly because google reader broke, and i can't get it working again, so i don't have it open in the office reading all my favourite wedding blogs.

Anyway, enough of the whining... best news this week is that we booked a photographer... the super lovely and amazingly talented Julie Kim. YAY!

I have also been scouring the internet for a dancing dress.... my actual dress in BIG and not good to dance in. I really want to get changed into something a bit swingy and floaty and show off the bright blue, kitten heeled Louboutins (come Christian, put some in the Spring collection!) I could be wearing, and dance the night away.... it's proving a bit tricky though. Everything is either too swingy, too structured, too weddingy or not weddingy enough. If I could find a lovely picture I would at least know what I was looking for...

This is the exact right idea, but the dress isn't exactly right for me. Hmmmmm.


agirl said...

Good luck with that! I actually had a really hard time with the second dress thing (probably cause by that point I was a real cheapskate, and my budget for it was minimal). In the end I just went for a slightly fancier version of the style of cocktail dress I lurve, but I really hope you find what you're looking at a price to suit you.

Krista said...

That's such a sweet dancing dress. If poufiness is your concern, you can probably find something similar with less volume.